Redundant dimension that adds more than 100%

A quite common situation is usually to have to generate a graph (or table) where the classes of a dimension are completely or partially overlapped.

For example consider the following graph that represent customer’s complaints:


It may happen that a customer is female, male or Legal Person. But now suppose we want to display a subtotal with the quantity of claims of physical persons. This means that each claim of a man going to “add” to “Man” bar but ALSO to the “Physical Person”, and each claim of a woman join to the bar “Woman” and simultaneously to the “Physical person ” too. Similarly all claims add up to the bar “Total”.

For this we create a “redundant” (overlapped) dimension  (I don’t know if it’s the right term) like this:


Where is seen that “Customer Type” = 1 (the key by which the fact table will link) is described both as “Man,” as well as “Physical Person”

Data Model

Below the code and chart showing some additional expressions:

load * inline [
CustomerType, Class, Clase
1,   Man, Hombre
2,   Woman, Mujer
3,   Legal Person, Persona Juridica
1,   Physical Person, Persona Fisica
2,   Physical Person, Persona Fisica
1,  Total, Total
2,  Total, Total
3,  Total, Total

Load * inline [
CustomerID, CustomerType, AmountClaimed, Name
1, 1, 100, Juan
1, 1, 80, Juan
2, 3, 220, Microsoft
3, 2, 100, Maria
4, 2, 80, Sofia
5, 1, 220, Peter
6, 3, 100, Oracle
2, 2, 80, Silvia
6, 1, 220, Steve

Final dashboard:



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